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Details Released In Murder Of Massachusetts Teacher, Throat Slashed By Razor

Our Favorite Shaving Gear Hopefully some of our favorite products get put to good use making your face a bit smoother, and we can't wait to hear your recommendations in the comments. Commerce Editor's Note: We're thrilled to bring you our first piece of content from one of the many new directions we're taking our product coverage in. Our daily deals roundups, now known as Gizmodo Deals , Kotaku Deals , and Lifehacker Deals are never going anywhere. In fact, expect to see more and better deals coverage ramping up quickly, and don't forget that we're going to be the very best destination for everything Black Friday and Cyber Monday . We've also got a new masthead of sorts if you'd like to connect with us. Stay tuned for many more updates coming soon.
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There was nothing of significance that could be converted to cash to avert a cash crisis in June or July," he said. Emergency manager Kevyn Orr, appointed by the Michigan governor to run Detroit, announced in June that the city would stop making payments on $2.5 billion in unsecured debt. The Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing came a month later. Lawyers opposed to the bankruptcy asked that much of Buckfire's testimony be stricken. They said he offered too much opinion about finances that went beyond the scope of his role in Detroit. FILE - This Oct. 24, 2012 file photo shows a graffiti-marked abandoned home north of downtown Detroi "Part of our job here is to set forth the story of the decisions that were made and the reasons they were made," Detroit attorney Thomas Cullen Jr. told the judge.
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Detroit on 'razor's edge' weeks before bankruptcy

That taught us the importance that you really need to go where your consumers are not just to talk to them, but observe and spend time with them. P&G acquired Gillette in 2005, and in 2008, the focus on India returned when Carvalho decided to take 20 people, ranging from engineers to developers, from Gillettes U.S. headquarters to India for three weeks. They spent 3,000 hours with more than 1,000 consumers at their homes, in stores and in small-group discussions. They observed peoples routines throughout the day, sometimes staying late into the evening. They also hosted small-group discussions. They learned that families often live in huts without electricity and share a bathroom with other huts.
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Low-cost P&G razor a business lesson in India

Low-cost P&G razor a business lesson in India Philip Chism, 14-years-old, is in police custody charged in the slaying of the popular math teacher after police discovered the grisly remains of Miss Ritzer in a wooded area behind the high school the following day. According to eyewitness accounts, Ritzer asked Chism if he needed extra help with his studies, especially in light that an Algebra test was scheduled soon. As seen on one of the 200 school surveillance cameras, the 6 foot tall Chism stalked the teacher after she excused herself to use the ladies restroom on the second floor of the school. According to anonymous sources, after coolly donning white gloves, Chism hacked at his teacher at least twice with the razor equipped box cutter before finally delivering the coup de grace on his already bleeding victim by slashing her throat. It was then that reportedly, the attacker dumped the still warm body of his teacher into a recycling bin and wheeled her to the woods behind the school. After covering her body in leaves, the arrested teen changed out of his blood soaked clothes to spare togs in his backpack, ensuring he had Miss Ritzer's credit card in hand, Chism went to the movies.
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